Aug 10, 2005

a shout out to my benefactor for this one

I dig the tune, I dig the show. Amazing for a student project.
Music for when you just fall in love, or after you get dumped.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. The song is good, and the motion in the video is amazing. I'm anxious to look back in a few weeks to see how the weather has affected it. Wonder why it picked Germany as the closest weather to me.


sarasita said...

interesting. i did it once and it said Fairhaven, MA (which would be close). i just did it again and it says Gaitherburg, MD ... not so close. I wasn't paying attention enough to know if the graphics change. But I like the imagery, and the music is lulling me into unproductivety land.

D said...

a few too many cheesy moments-when the plant tunrs into a woman's face, photosof people in the background-I feel like it would ahve been much better withut those moments, more generic visuals. The song is good, but i want the vocals to be less prominant. I think karl could do it better!
And it told me Seattle was closest to me...what is with tha Weather thing anyway? Does the video change depending?

Anonymous said...

click on "student project"

Anonymous said...

Hi, we opened a new to collect diverse screenshots of theunseenvideo. You are all welcome to watch the video again, take some screenshots and post them to the new TheUnseenVideo-Group. Add some information about your location and weathersituation if you want. Did the location-finder work well? We are looking forward to see how your video looked like.